The beating heart of GF-ELTI Technology

The beating heart of GF-ELTI technology has always been in the production of its Burners.

The Company’s history begins in 1966 in a small workshop specialised in the design and construction of the first automatic Naphtha-run Burners: this technology, unknown at the time, immediately received an Industrial Patent and has been a springboard towards the design and production of more complex Industrial Plants. Then, in the ’60-‘70s, the Company develops the automatic Gas-run Burners characterized by innovative digital management technique, nowadays still of relevant performance value. The further R&D efforts, stimulated by the energetic crisis of the ’70-‘80s, bring to the development of a high performance Regenerative Burner that will receive international certifications from Gas De France and TÜV Germany.

Nowadays, with decarbonisation activities being a primary global goal, GF-ELTI develops industrial burners completely run with Hydrogen or with a blend of H2 - CH4, together with innovative control and safety systems. Thanks to its experience GF-ELTI today has developed various Industrial Burners and Plants, entirely designed on the specific industrial process needs. GF-ELTI burners are developed and manufactured to comply with the Best Available Techniques (BAT Reference) in terms of Safety, Efficiency and Environmental Emissions.