High Efficiency Burners
powered by H2 blend
(H2 10% ÷ 100%)
H2BURN® Technology is an experimental project, completely Made in Italy, aimed at ensuring the possibility to use Hydro-methane, the blend composed by Hydrogen and Methane, generating it directly by the End User's site in a flexible way, by means of ad hoc equipment.
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10 ÷ 100% H2
in the hydro-methane
blend of the H2Burn® technology
Variation of % H2
in real time completely automated thanks to in-house developed Blending Unit
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The last tests carried out on production plants and the ones on single burners, have confirmed that the H2BURN® Technology can contribute to the challenge of the decarbonisation through the use of hydrogen.

The experimental experience gained through H2BURN® tests, which is added to the over 30 years' skills of the Company, also in the design and the construction of plants powered by gas coke (commonly characterised by a hydrogen percentage higher than 60%), makes GF-ELTI a privileged market partner in helping its Customers towards the use of this «carbon free» energy source.

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