Engineering, Construction and Services are the competences of GF ELTI, a consolidated business, characterised by rigorous working and concrete outcomes.

GF ELTI embodies a mix of Specific Competences within a flexible organisation that thanks to the R&D activities is able to satisfy the increasingly stringent needs of Customers.

Every project is developed with care through an exclusive production chain within the company. This gives each GF ELTI's installation particular and qualitative characteristics that translate into "Benchmark Performances".

GF ELTI is today a unique counterpart and Qualified Partner, able to support the Clients guaranteeing a complete range of Services: Plant, Process and Results.

What we do

GFELTI Production of Industrial Furnaces for Industry 4.0 and Heat Treatment Services

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

GF ELTI operates in 3 synergistic markets via 5 Business Units. This gives the possibility to have a lean organization, which is capable of responding promptly to the increasingly detailed needs of the commodities producers.

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