Normalization in controlled atmosphere

Normalization Heat Treatment in controlled atmosphere is performed at a temperature just above Ac3 (Ac1 for hypereutectoid steels C% > 0.83) and is followed by a cooling process in calm air. The main objective of this Heat Treatment is to homogenize the structure of the material and to refine the grain enlarged by previous hot processing operations.

In order to avoid material oxidation and calamine development, the Heat Treatment is carried out in an atmosphere without oxygen, containing nitrogen and, if necessary, a reduced % of hydrogen.

This Heat Treatment can be carried out on drawn, forged or cast products with little machining allowance. On the contrary, it is not recommended for tool steels and self-hardening steels. The products subjected to this Heat Treatment are intended for various sectors, including Oil & Gas, Mechanics, Naval, Nuclear, Aerospace and Power Generation.

GF-ELTI performs Normalization Heat Treatments in Controlled Atmosphere with plants certified according to the most restrictive European and/or international standards such as API 6A, ASTM A991, AMS 2750, NORSOK M-650, NADCAP and ABS.