Heat Treatment Service

The heat treatment division was founded in 2000s with the aim of representing a qualified partner in the steel industry able to offer a 360° heat treatment service through its own high-performing plants.

All the Furnaces installed in GF-ELTI are certified according to the most stringent International Sector Regulations and are covered by numerous Process and Product Patents. For these reasons GF-ELTI is included in the Manufacture Process Specifics (MPS) of the Industry Players as a recognised, certified and recommended heat treatment centre for the transformation of steel products. The Heat Treatment Division operates according to a certified Quality System that complies with UNI EN 9100, a standard that meets the requirements of the authorities and manufacturers of the Aerospace and Defence Sector. All the new Combustion Systems designed by the GF-ELTI R&D Center are tested and validated in-house before being marketed, in order to grant an additional reliability level. Each Technological Revamping represents a cutting-edge solution and an industry benchmark, stimulated by Customer’s inputs and market analysis results.

TON/Y processed
TON/Y CO2 not emitted from the heat treatment division furnaces
Plants installed in-house
Thermic processes for in-house use

In-house furnace fleet

MAX Useful Charge Volume Width: 5,000 mm
Length: 15,000 mm
Height: 3,000 mm
Useful Charge Volume for Vertical Heat Treatments Ø 2,000 mm
Height: 11,000mm
Charge Capacity 5 ÷ 200 Ton each furnace
Quenching Fluid Forced Air, Spray Cooling, Water, Polymer
MAX Working Temperature 1,200 °C
Quenching Transfer Time < 40"
Reheating Gradient ≤ 100 °C/h Programmable
Cooling Gradient ≤ 50 °C/h Programmable
International certifications API 6A, ASTM A991, AMS 2750, NADCAP, NORSOK M-650, ABS
Combustion Type GF-ELTI Auto-Recuperative Burners
Controlled Atmosphere N2 + H2
Temperature Uniformity Class Class 2: ± 6 °C in the range of 540 - 760 °C
Class 5: ± 14 °C in the range of 760 - 1,150 °C