GF-ELTI designs and manufactures Forging Furnaces (from 2 up to 1,000 Tons of net charge) according to the Modular Prefabrication Technique. The peculiarities of GF-ELTI Forging Furnaces recognized by the Customers are:

  • extremely low energy consumption compared to traditional technologies;
  • heating and cooling rapidity;
  • optimal combustion thanks to the retroactive control of the oxygen concentration in the furnace chamber;
  • full automatic furnace management;
  • excellent thermic insulation and temperature uniformity of both furnace chamber and charge even at low temperatures;
  • refractory stability to sudden and repeated thermic shock;
  • limited maintenance interventions;

Furthermore the digital management technique of the Regenerative Burner allows to keep NOx emission below the European market reference parameters, despite of the high preheating temperatures of the comburent and the resulting flame temperature over 2,000 °C.