Compliance with International Standards at all levels of the organisation is a guarantee of concrete performance and results.

GF-Elti quality management system places context analysis, continuous development and sustainability at the heart of its operational processes.

GF-ELTI approach to quality offers great opportunities both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, bringing benefits that can be summarised in:

  • Better coordination across the various functions at all levels of the organisation
  • Increased productivity and greater competitiveness
  • Guarantee and enhancement in the performance of the products and services offered
  • Satisfaction of customers' expectations

The environmental impact generated by the steel industry must be minimised through ingenuity and rational use of technology. To this end, the quality of the operating processes must be accompanied by quality and respect for the environment and safety standards that give to the GF-ELTI world an absolute seal of quality. Complying with International Standards on Quality, Safety and the Environment is of fundamental importance for GF-ELTI, therefore it is certified and operates in full compliance with the most important international reference Standards.

Plant Qualifications

  • API 6A

    Oil & Gas Industry International Standard for Heat Treatments and Temperature Uniformity Test Management

  • ASTM A991

    International Standard for Temperature Uniformity Test Management on Heat Treatment Furnaces for Steel Products

  • AMS 2750

    International Standards on Pyrometric Requirements for Heat Treatment Instrumentation, Equipment and Furnaces

  • NORSOK M-650

    Oil & Gas Industry International Standard for Heat Treatments