Our History

Passion, tradition, and experience drive the company's growth, creating innovation and offering cutting-edge solutions.
Production of Industrial Burners

The Fratus was founded in Lovere (BG) in a small workshop, which was poor in equipment, but rich in ideas and “will to do”, and in a short time, thanks to its innovative vision and R&D efforts, specialised in the construction of the first automatic Naphtha-run Burners covered by the first of many other Industrial Patents. In the years that followed, new technologies were developed, such as the first electro-pneumatic regulation systems for Industrial Furnaces, aimed at optimising combustion and thus saving energy and protecting the Environment. This vision, experimentation and an innovative spirit will be the company’s heritage and working method for the years to come.

Construction of Plants for Steel Industry

The company Elettrotermica Industriale was founded in Sovere (BG), with the acronym ELTI, inheriting the legacy of Ditta Fratus. In the early years, ELTI specialised in the design and production of steelworks equipment: from ladle and tundish preheating systems to the more complex fluid insufflation systems for electric arc furnaces (chemical energy). ELTI installed the first LF in Italy, at Falck Unione, and the first three-phase induction melting furnace for the production of spheroidal cast iron.

Construction of Industrial Furnaces

General Forni was established as a company dedicated to the production of Industrial Furnaces for rolling mills and was the inventor of the construction technique known as “Modular Prefabrication”: an innovative method still used in the industry today.

Third-party Heat Treatment Services

The Heat Treatment Division dedicated to Heat Treatment Services on third-party products was created in 2000: entity characterised by rapid development, which would enable it to become a qualified and trusted partner for Customers of the highest importance.

A Single Company

In 2017 ELTI and General Forni merged into a single company: GF-ELTI. The aim was to create a single reference point and a reliable partner in the steel market, capable of providing Turnkey Equipment and Heat Treatment Services.


GF-ELTI is now an industrial reality that operates internationally in the supply of Industrial Plants and Heat Treatment Services, distinguishing itself through its Know-how, Design Experience, High Plant Performances, R&D, Innovative and Sustainable Practices.