Auto-Recuperative Burners

GF-ELTI auto-recuperative burners base their operation on the indirect heat exchange between two gas flows (hot discharge flue gases and cold combustion air): every single burner is equipped with its own exchanger (typically a finned metal body).

The flue gases produced by an auto-recuperative burner are discharged through the burner: hot flue gases flow on one side of the exchanger whereas cold combustion air flows on the other side of the exchanger, in reverse current, at the same time.

In doing so, flue gases release heat energy - through the exchanger - to combustion air, which conveys it back to the furnace.

This type of burners is equipped with an in-built ignition electrode or with a pilot burner, according to size.

Thanks to the pre-heat temperatures of combustion air, GF-ELTI auto-recuperative burners enable to reduce fuel consumption by 15 ÷ 20 % compared to traditional cold-air burners.

Moreover, flue gas extraction - distributed to burners – contributes to an excellent temperature uniformity inside the re-heat chamber.

Operating temperatures: < 1200 °C.

Temperatures of the disposable flue gases conveyed to the stack: ≤ 450 °C.

Applications: Heat Treatment Furnaces.