Hot air Burners with central recuperator

GF-ELTI hot-air burners with central recuperator are based on a centralised combustion air pre-heat system.

Before conveyance to the stack, flue gases flow through a heat exchanger placed along the general flue gas conduit; at the same time, the exchanger is run through, in reverse current, by the combustion air that is first heated and then distributed to the burners.

This type of burners is equipped with a built-in ignition electrode or with a pilot burner, according to size.

Thanks to the pre-heat temperatures of combustion air, GF-ELTI hot-air burners with central recuperator enable to reduce fuel consumption by 10 ÷ 15 % compared to traditional cold-air burners.

Operating temperatures: ≤ 1300 °C.

Combustion air temperatures: ≤ 550 °C.

Applications: Forging Furnaces, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Furnaces for Rolling Mills.