Radiant tube Burners

GF-ELTI radiant tube burners are a variation of recuperative and regenerative cold-air burners.

This type of burners is used when the charge is to be reheated in a controlled (inert or active) atmosphere and, therefore, it is not possible to directly reheat with open flame. For this purpose, the flame is confined within tubes that transmit heat to the furnace chamber by radiation. In doing so, the combustion products fail to alter the controlled atmosphere within the furnace chamber, thus preserving the surface characteristics of the treated material. 

This type of burners is equipped with a built-in ignition electrode.

Operating temperatures: ≤ 1150 °C.

Applications: Heat Treatment Furnaces (e.g.: Chamber Furnaces, Conveyor Furnaces of a “BAF” Bright Annealing Furnace type).