GF-ELTI has always had Sustainability and Environmental protection as its key objective. Our Vision of Sustainability is based on the principles of: Technological Innovation, Quality, Safety and Ethics. It is imperative to operate in accordance with the principles of Ethics and Environmental Protection to ensure a safe and green future for generations to come.
The Environment is a resource to be defended with Commitment and Determination.

Quality, Environment and Safety

The environmental impact generated by the steel industry must be minimised through ingenuity and the rational use of technology. To this end, we have integrated our operating practices into a Quality, Environment and Safety Management model based on ISO 9001, 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 standards.


Our vision of Ethics is based on the principles of Legality, Transparency, Honesty, Dignity Principles and Equality. It is imperative to operate in accordance with the above principles and this is a Responsibility of each member of our organisation.
These standards are contained within our Organisation, Management and Control Model which defines the ethical values on which GF-ELTI is based.