Roller Hearth Furnace

GF-ELTI Roller Hearth Furnaces are plants used for the heat treatment of round section bars and tubes.

This type of plants is characterised by a maximum operating temperature of abt. 1,100 °C and it is designed to obtain excellent temperature uniformity, reheating and cooling gradients varying according to the types of heat treatment required by the Customer.

The furnace typically consists of:

The plant is built according to the logic of modular prefabrication, which enables to quicken the on-site assembly stages of the plant without requiring the realisation of foundations, but of an adequate support surface only.

The refractory linings for insulation of the parts forming the furnace can be either cast or made of fibrous materials, according to the application.

These plants are equipped with GF-ELTI Auto-Recuperative Burners, characterised by high speed and fixed power. Their operation is managed through a PLC and the energy supply is kept under constant control by changing the ON and OFF times, to which every single burner is subject.

Open-flame burners are arranged in the vault, in a staggered position with respect to the underlying rollers.

The axis of the rollers is inclined with respect to the axis of the furnace so as to always keep the processed bars or tubes rotating while rollers are being fed to the furnace in order to ensure temperature uniformity over the entire surface of the charge.

Types of treated products: round section bars and tubes, of various diameters, weights and lengths.