Electric Reheating Furnace

GF-ELTI Electric Reheating Furnaces are plants used for the heat treatment of semi-finished products.

The reheating power of this type of plants is obtained through electric heating elements (managed by a Modular Power Controller), applied on the walls of the reheating chamber, including the door.

This type of plants is characterised by a maximum operating temperature of abt. 1,200 °C and excellent temperature uniformity, which is obtained thanks to a fan installed in the vault and operating on a vertical-axis basis.

These furnaces typically consist of:

The plant is built according to the logic of modular prefabrication, which enables to quicken the on-site assembly stages of the plant without requiring the realisation of foundations, but of an adequate support surface only.

The refractory hearth is fixed and placed above the workshop floor, to which it can be anchored simply by means of tie rods / small blocks.

The refractory linings for insulation of the parts forming the furnace are generally made of fibrous materials.

According to the Customer’s various needs, this type of plants can be designed and realised in observance of the following international standards: API 6A, ASTM A991, AMS 2750, NADCAP, NORSOK, M-650, ABS.

Types of treated products: semi-finished products of various dimensions, weight and shape, handled through manipulators or lift trucks and placed on metal stands inside the furnace chamber.