GF-ELTI Certified for Energy Efficiency

GF-ELTI Certified for Energy Efficiency

After the environmental and process quality certifications received, today GF-ELTI is also ISO 50001 certified for Energy Efficiency.


The energy efficiency policies and requirements required by the UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018 have been recognized to GF-ELTI after severe verification process.

The company goal is to improve its carbon footprint, reduce its energy costs as well as polluting emissions thanks to the definition of a renewed Energy Policy.

In order to better use natural resources, research activities and technological innovation together with national and local energy policies play a key role, especially if they can affect positively people’s culture and behaviour.

Because of this, GF-ELTI has shared with all its workforce its own renewed Energy Policy: so that the rational use of plants and machinery, the responsible use of lighting, air conditioning and heating systems will contribute to lower energy waste. Hopefully these activities will also contribute to empower the efficiency of the company’s energy system generating savings in terms of natural resources used.

With the ISO 50001 Certification, GF-ELTI is able to tangibly show how it has been able to endorse a system able improve processes efficiency, empower energy performances, and thus reducing the specific costs of energy carriers.

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