The History

The "Ditta Fratus" was born in 1966 in a small workshop, which was poor in equipment, but rich in ideas and "will to do". The Company focused on the construction of the first automatized and Naphta-run burners, technology unknown at the time and covered with the first Industrial Patent of the business.

The development of the first electro-pneumatic regulation systems for Industrial Furnaces followed, with the primarly purpose to optimise combustion, thus Energy Savings and Safeguard of the Environment.

Vision, experimentation and innovative spirit will remain heritage and work-habit for the years to come.

The "Elettrotermica Industriale" or "ELTI" was born in 1976 and brought forward what developed by "Ditta Fratus". In the first years ELTI specialized in the design and production of equipment for steelworks like Ladle and Tundish Heaters and the more complexes Fluids Insufflation Systems for the Electric Arch Furnaces (Chemical Energy).

The History

ELTI has installed the first LF in Italy (Falck Unione) and the first three-phase induction-melting furnace for the production of spheroidal cast iron.

Similarly "General Forni" was created in 1976 to focus on the design and production of industrial furnaces for rolling mills, developing an innovative construction technique unknown at the time: the modular prefabrication of furnaces. Practice today widely used among Competitors.

At the beginning of 2000, General Forni gave birth to GF Heat Treatment Division, which developing fast became a qualified and trusted partner for important Customers.

In 2013 there was the creation of General Forni Suisse, division dedicated to the exclusive heat treatment of structural tubes in controlled atmosphere. Its plant and innovative process are owned and covered by Patent.

General Forni Metals was established in 2016 with the mission of Purchasing, Heat Treating and Selling long and anti-wear Special Profiles dedicated to first equipment and spare parts service of Earth Moving and Construction Machines.

In 2017 ELTI and General Forni merged in a unique entity called GF ELTI.