Pusher Furnace - Bilateral Reheating

GF-ELTI Pusher Furnaces with Bilateral Reheating are plants added to rolling lines.

They are continuous conveyor furnaces complete with an active pit and GF-ELTI Regenerative Burners placed above and below the charge.

These furnaces are intended to reheat the iron and steel semi-finished products at the correct process temperature (1,100 ÷ 1,250 °C), for the next rolling operation.

The plant is built according to the logic of modular prefabrication, which enables to quicken the on-site assembly stages of the plant.

The furnace consists of:

According to the layout of the works, the furnace can be equipped with a front or side load and unload system whereas the charge in the furnace is fed through a service machine, named pusher machine.

Due to bilateral reheating, this type of plant involves a furnace of shorter lengths (if compared to the pusher solution with unilateral reheating), but requires foundation works for the creation of the reheating pit.

During maintenance operations, the chamber must be emptied manually and when the furnace is cold.

The types of treated products are typically: billets, blooms, slabs.