Production Sites

GF ELTI spans today over 265'000 sqm, 60'000 of which are indoors. This gives the Company the possibility to develop covered areas for an additional 70'000 sqm while respecting the philosophy of leaving important free surfaces dedicated to the green areas.

Sovere (BG – Italy), Giornico (Leventina – Switzerland) and Prato Sesia (NO – Italy) are unique locations for:

GF ELTI is able to receive, move and send by road, railway and sea products reaching 120 Tons and 8 m width both from Italy and Switzerland where it is operative an internal spur line.

The Business Unit GF Trattamenti is equipped with its own laboratory to carry out tests and research on heat treated products and it offers a valuable support to R&D activities of the other Business Units (Elti, General Forni, GF Metals and GF Suisse).


60.000 sqm

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GF General Forni GF Trattamenti GF Metals

40.000 sqm

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50.000 sqm

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