Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

GF ELTI operates in 3 synergistic markets via 5 Business Units. This gives the possibility to have a lean organization, which is capable of responding promptly to the increasingly detailed needs of the commodities producers:

Turnkey Equipment
  • Hi-Tech Furnaces
  • Heat Treatment Lines
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Specific Handling
Heat Treatment Service
  • Heat Treatment of Clients steel products
Steel Specialties
  • Q&T of Long Special Products

Business Units

Elti GF General Forni
Gf Trattamenti GFS
Gf Metals

The Competitive Plus that comes with the ownership and direct management of a Heat Treatment Division with 16 Furnaces is double.

It allows GF ELTI to test new and undiscovered applications on industrial scale, reducing the timing to develop and validate results.

This is empowered by the advantage to have at Clients disposal a "Showcase".

Today GF ELTI has all the requisites and qualifications to act as a Unique Counterpart able to support the client with a complete range of services: Plants, Processes and Results.

Environment, Human Resources, Safety, R&D, Energetic Efficiency, Product Quality, Timing Respect are the priorities to which GF ELTI dedicates commitment, resources and attention.