Integrated Policy

The Policy as per Environment, Health and Safety is the translation of the general Corporate Strategy with respect to the Integrated Management System. This concept clearly turns out from the Ethical Code, recently implemented by GF-ELTI.


  • To guarantee the respect of what it is stated by the applicable Norms in terms of Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO14001), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) as well as the obligations of conformity with respect to product, environmental aspects and work conditions;
  • To pursue the constant improvement of the integrated system efficacy, able to ensure the amelioration of the service offered, empowering the customer satisfaction along with the performances in terms of environmental footprint, working conditions and occupational health and safety;
  • To secure the prevention of accidents and events that may be cause of environmental pollution and / or casualties or occupational diseases for co-workers;
  • To ensure the constant communication and collaboration with all the interested parties either within or outside the Organization.


  • Attention to the present and future needs of both customers and interested parties;
  • Constant pursue of environmental sustainability as per corporate activities, products and services;
  • Implementation and promotion of the concept of prevention of risks, accidents, casualties and occupational diseases within every business area;
  • Staff involvement in the pursue of the Corporate objectives, through the creation of a motivating work environment able to empower the progressive personal and professional growth.
  • Approach based on processes and careful management of business relations;
  • Continuous improvement intended as basic principle of every single daily activity or process.
  • Mutual beneficial relation with suppliers, with particular dedication to the development of continuative business relations (partnership).

Every member of the organization is invited to actively participate in the implementation process of the principles stated above with commitment, attention and determination. We are deeply convinced that the effective application of these principles is able to greatly contribute to the creation of the best conditions to work in a professional and satisfying way.

1st October 2018.