Heat Treatment Service

Heat Treatment Service

Every Plant installed in the Units is made "In-House", therefore they have been certified since the start-up with compliance of the primary and most restricting regulations of the business.

A staff of competent and professional people manage the furnaces that have been designed and manufactured upon the specific needs and characteristics expressed by the market over the years.

The production flows of data and information are tracked by Q-code and Bar-code so that the process variables of each plant are disclosed and historicised via SQL by dedicated electronic sensors granting traceability.

The furnaces are born to operate in compliance with the Industry 4.0 requirements.

Every furnace is equipped with heat recovery system that together with a series of photovoltaic plants allow GF ELTI to avoid the emission of several hundred Tons of equivalent CO2.

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GF Trattamenti

GF Trattamenti

GF Trattamenti Termici operates in accordance with International Norms such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001, it operates respecting the standards of the major Multinational Corporations and it is by the same Companies recommended for the quality and results granted.

The processes that GF Trattamenti is able to perform are:

Precipitation Hardening / Stress Relieving / Bright Stress Relieving / Tempering / Annealing / Bright Annealing / Normalization / Solution Heat Treatment / Nitriding / Quenching in Water / Quenching in Polymer / Normalization via Spray Cooling

The loading capacity of the Furnaces in GF Trattamenti can heat treat pieces from 1 to 150 Ton, after that they are transferred in the quenching tanks via robotised systems and platforms in maximum 40 seconds.
The 16 Furnaces currently under operation guarantee every year the processing of 50'000 Tons of steel commodities.

The plants are certified by the following International Standards:

  • API 6A
  • ASTM A991
  • AMS 2750
  • ABS

Some of the most prestigious Multinational Corporations (MNCs) send inspectors to GF ELTI on a regular basis to supervise the MPS (Manufacture Process Specifics) during the Quality Heat Treatment that GF ELTI executes with own Plants, Technology and Processes.

Once the pieces have been "Heat-Treated" by GF ELTI, they are used by MNCs in many different fields, such as Transport, Infrastructure, Quality Machining, Mining Components, Automotive, Energy, Oil & Gas, Nuclear of 3rd and 4th Generations, and Aeronautic.

  • ExxonMobil
  • Total
  • Chevron
  • British Petroleum
  • Statoil
  • Eni
  • Thai Nippon Steel
  • General Electric
GF Suisse

GF Suisse

GF Suisse is an initiative born in collaboration with Arvedi Tubi Acciaio SPA to target the increasing market demand for High - Quality Squared Pipes for constructions with length ≤ 18 m and thickness until 16 mm that in 2013 was yet to be filled.

The plant is dedicated to the Normalization in Controlled Atmosphere of shaped pipes produced from coils.
These are processed, stored, and later on sent directly to the Customers of Arvedi Tubi Acciaio SPA all over the world.

The process implemented is able:

  • To Eliminate the structural and mechanical inhomogeneity proper of the raw product
  • To Nullify the residual mechanical tensions generated after shaping and welding
  • To Grant to the pipe geometrical characteristics, such as straightness and twist in compliance with the Norm EN 10210
  • To Remarkably upgrade the quality of the pipes treated in compliance with the international standards in terms of measures and properties.

The plant under operations since 2013 can process annually 40'000 Tons.